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Joe Exotic: They are hoping I die in here, so this case goes away.

This political campaign is turning into a back scratching joke. Ron DeSantis is promising to pardon former President Trump if he becomes President. This right here should show the American people just what a joke our system has become. Does DeSantis think he is going to win over some Trump supporters by pledging to Pardon Trump?

First of all, Trump is indicted by the State of New York and the President can't do shit about it unless Trump gets charged with some federal crimes.

Meanwhile, I am pushed out of any polls in this election even though I have a political analyst assigned to me by the Federal Election Commission, a full campaign website and everything because they don't want someone asking them real questions.

All this system cares about is seating the same corrupt bastards that they always do. Look at the great Attorney General of Texas. He filed so many lawsuits trying to prove everyone else was crooked and look who got his ass handed to him on an impeachable platter.

The American public has no clue that someone who has been kidnapped by this great system we have in America is even running for office because CNN, that runs this country, won't even recognize me nor will anyone else putting out polls.

I can tell you they will either shut me up by taking my privileges away or they will wait for me to die in here before they ever listen to the truth or the evidence we now have against the government and their witnesses. I have as good a chance leaving here in a body bag or becoming President then I do of getting the Department of Justice, their corrupt U.S.

attorneys in Oklahoma City, or this Judge that lives in Carole Baskin’s pocket to give me a new trial with the evidence we now have.

Their witnesses are out there continuing to slander me, stalk, and harass anyone connected to me. Shouldn’t it be against the law for witnesses used by the federal government to have a free ticket to continue to break the law, stalk my people’s children, and keep filing false claims against my attorneys? Whatever happened to filing false reports? Lying under oath?

This country’s Justice Department has gone mad.

How in the hell does a hitman that was recruited by the federal agents admit under oath during a video statement that he lied to the grand jury, and that he and another government witness actually had conspired a plan to kill me if they couldn't get me out of the picture by putting me in prison to take my zoo away from me, and NO ONE in the Department of Justice, The President of the United States, or even the news media gives a shit about the truth and someone innocent sitting in federal prison fighting for his life.

All anyone can do is exploit me out there to become more famous or make money, all while I lay in this shit hole this country calls the Federal Prison System and slowly die and be silenced.

I’ve seen the doctor, or what they call a doctor in here, who the hell even knows what license some of these people have and which ones they lie about. I have finally gotten my CT scan of my bladder, pelvis, and stomach after waiting 5 months, but I am still waiting on the biopsy of my bladder and the results of the CT scan.

Today they put me in to go to the hospital downtown at some point, which could be months away for a megagram due to the growing lumps in my left breast. This could, once again, all be cancer, or it could be nothing. Who the hell knows?

It makes me furious to see just how corrupt this all is and no one out there cares. I put on my website news reports after news reports from Federal Legal News about how the Justice Department knows how corrupt and broken down the BOP really is and then how corrupt the highest law enforcement agency we have is, which is known as the FBI.

How does an average person win in this system when no one will talk about the truth? No politician out there gives a rat’s ass about fixing the corruption because all they do is add to it.

Yes, I might be fighting some health issues, but let me tell you that I got my shit together more than half of the old bastards in office right now and I can assure you that, even being in prison, I am more honest than 3/4 of the politicians you vote into office every year.

All I want is my honest day in court, or is the Department of Justice too scared of eating that egg off their faces? Because I will let you in on a little tidbit of information--the evidence we have now should, not only put some government witnesses in prison, but there should be a couple federal agents and assistant U.S. attorneys and one judge going there as well.

Ask yourselves one question: Why won't this Judge rule and give me a new trial or deny it so I can get on with an appeal and get it out of his jurisdiction? The answer is because they are hoping I die in here, so this case goes away.

Joe Exotic

Joseph Maldonado

Reg. No. 26154-017

FMC Fort Worth

PO Box 15330

Fort Worth, TX 76119

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