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Carole Baskin (IM) Diary You Tube Channel Releases Unheard Audio Files that support Joe Exotic

November 14, 2023

For Immediate Release:

There is developing breaking news in the quest to free Joe Exotic the Tiger King

Carole Baskin (TM)Diary YouTube channel has released unheard audio and videos that support Joe Exotic innocence and motion for a new trial.

The videos that Carole Baskin (TM) Diary YouTube Channel just released confirms much of the exhibits/documents associated with Joe Exotic new trial request including others sex trafficking, perjury, fraud etc.

This week, in a 20 minute plus video entitled 2021 09 51 Carole Baskin's Diary unheard audio of the "hitman" discussing and confirming that the "for hire" was al aset up and the wrong person is incarcerated.

Additionaly, in a second video entitled 2021 09 05 Carole Baskin's Diary, there is unheard audio of the hitman confirming, "I lied. I lied ot the Federal court. I lied ot a lot of people just ot keep Jeff out of trouble."

A motion for a new trial for Joe Exotic was filed in April of 2022.

(To explore over 150 exhibits that support the freedom of Joe Exotic, please go to the following

link and download the April 1st Motion for New Trial Exhibit Submissions):

Motion for New Trial:

Identity Theft Exhibit:

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