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- "Keep your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Free America from the controlling left and right."

- "Live how you want, love who who you want, and be what you want, without hurting others."

- "When you allow the government to tell you what you can or can't do with your own body, you no longer own yourselves."

- "Before you vote, think about how you want to be controlled."  

Prison Reform

Why is it that people in this country care more about animals than people? Why is it so hard to get justice in this country even when there is evidence proving innocence? It's outrageous the number of lawsuits that are filed and won against law enforcement and police. This is your tax money being paid because of corruption within the criminal justice system. It's inhumane to keep a person locked in a small room in isolation for months at a time with no human contact and nothing to do. No zoo would be allowed to do that to an animal, so why do we allow them to do this to us? Every inmate is someone's friend, son, daughter, cousin, uncle, aunt, parent or grandparent. We must change this system from the inside out and restore dignity to all Americans.

In fact, it might shock some people to know that the requirements for a chimp in the zoo are better than the requirements for a human in an American prison. For example, humans are only required to have 7' x 12' living space, whereas chimps are required to have a 12' x 20' x 20' living space.  Humans are not required to have enrichment except sex and drug programs, and all recreation is passive. Chimps are required to have social, occupational, physical, sensory, and nutritional enrichment. The food provided to inmates in the USA does not meet the nutritional guidelines, it only meets caloric intake, which consists of cookies, cake, starches and other unhealthy options, whereas chimps are required to be provided a diet that meets their nutritional needs. The requirements for human rehabilitation are non-existent, yet the requirements for chimps include positive reinforcement training. Why are we treating animals better than humans in this country?

Ending Complete Immunity

No federal agent of any office should be immune from civil lawsuits. Once they are responsible for their actions, maybe they will stop lying to make arrests and convictions. What this means is, if a federal agent or agency lies about you and causes you to be convicted, charged, and you lose your livelihood and spend time in jail for their mistake, the agency and agent themselves is protected by complete immunity. This was a big thing, not only in my case and thousands of others, but with the FISA warrant in the Roger Stone case when Trump was in office. They could not hold the FBI agents that lied on the warrants responsible and they need to be held responsible in anyone's case.


In 2016, I went to Belize and Mexico when I ran for office and Belize allows you to live there, not being a citizen, but you have to pay $50 per month.  Our loved ones gave their lives so people can be free in America. They paid their dues, so I want to vet everyone wanting to come to America to make sure they are not criminals on the run from other countries or terrorists, and give them a non-citizen tax number, like a Social Security number, allowing them to live, work, and pay taxes for 5 years. And they have that 5 years to become a citizen and have to pay $50 a month per family member to keep from being deported. When I went to Mexico, everyone said they would do it. Then if they don't pay up and get pulled over or get their ID checked and they owe money, they sit in county jail until their family pays or get deported within 30 days--none of this housing them for years. You do the math--15 million immigrants x $50 a month and we would not need to be borrowing trillions of dollars all the time. Tax payers are paying to keep them in jail now, paying their healthcare, crime taxes, etc.  Why wouldn't we want them to contribute to society by paying their own way?

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs is something we need to really look hard at. First of all a Libertarian does not believe America should be the world's police. We spend so many trillions of dollars each year sending help to other countries that we cannot keep our own railways and bridges and roads safe in our own country. It is time that any other country with NATO or G7, G20 or whatever they want to come up with next puts in the exact amount we do, or we need to stop being the pocketbook to cover everyone else's problems. If we spent as much money on our own military as we do sending it away, we would not have to worry about anyone else giving us a hard time. The only countries we need to protect are the ones we need to do business with, but then again, if we opened up our own country to self-sustaining energy that we do cleaner than anyone else and cut sending trillions of dollars away to other countries, then we could cut taxes in America and get more of our stuff built and made in America cheaper, but we tax our own so bad that they have to leave America to get things done cheaper.

Again, we are not the world's police and it is time that, when we have to go save some country, they have to pay us back in either land, oil, or money.

Criminal Justice Reform

The problem with crime in this country is not one sets examples. I mean, just look at our President's and our elected officials at how they are always under investigation, always caught lying or cheating somewhere. We need to start cleaning out the system from the inside out. Regular citizens are serving half of their lives in prison for less shit than what politicians do. The system is not built on fairness or anything moral, it's who you know and how much money you have. Take a look at Hollywood and how much they get away with things. Our children have nobody to look up to in order to be proud and stay out of trouble because our country's leaders are making fools of themselves.

I have to ask myself every day: what is it about child molesters and sex offenders that our system likes so much that they serve less time than anyone, even white collar crime people? This must all be stopped dead in its tracks, putting people in jail for ghost dope, lying on the stand, and investigations just to make a conviction. We are letting the dangerous people out that have victims and we are keeping people that really don't hurt anyone in prison. The whole system is ass backwards and who is to blame? The sentencing commission, the federal judges, the way the whole system is built. A public defender should be a private lawyer on rotation to take a case paid by the government, not a public lawyer that don't give a rat's ass if you lose or win because the government keeps them employed whether your life depends on it or not. Having witnesses lie on the stand and agents lying during investigations just to make a conviction has to stop.


Take my case, for example; they refused to let me call any witnesses at all because they had a deal made with the prosecutors before we even walked in the courtroom. My life was already over when they went to lunch during my pre-trial motions. An unbiased attorney should be on every case and the pay scale should be on whether they win or lose. The so-called probation office that does the pre-sentencing report should be shut down because they just work for the court and the prosecutors anyway, they do nothing for you other than to screw you over. Complete immunity should go away for federal agents and employees of the court and a lot of the lying would stop if they could be sued and held liable for ruining someone's life to step up that ladder of politics.

We will never get crime to go away in this country until we hold people that make laws responsible themselves. The federal court system should not be allowed to work on hearsay evidence; hard evidence should be available just like in a state court. Raise the limit on the age of buying any kind of gun to 21 and people that use those guns against someone should pay the higher price than anyone else. Right now, a felon with just a gun in a safe in the house is serving more time than someone that shoots and kills someone else. Cops shooting civilians getting five years and a citizen that has a gun in a safe that is a felon because he got caught with meth once gets 20 years? Something is wrong with all of this.

We must start changing with the courts, the lawmakers, the guidelines, the prosecutors and the law enforcement people, then we can work on the American people. The media drives so many people to commit horrible crimes in this country. Fox fights with CNN, one radio station fights with another; hell, there is no peace in this country at all and no one to set a good example for anyone.


As a Libertarian, I believe that the IRS should be shut down because, once you work to buy something, it should become yours until you sell it and someone else pays sales tax on it. You should not have to pay our government to work either, the American people work day in and day out and our politicians spend it frivolously, like our lives and hard work means nothing.  So cut the funding, and it would cut the spending.

Term Limits

I'm for putting it up to public vote to change the Constitution to put four year term limits on federal judges, U.S. attorneys senators and representatives with a limit of two terms total, and make them be elected by the people and not appointed by a friend in the White House for life. You want justice reform? That is where we start.

Social Security & Medicare

You have to wonder why our government can keep cutting our social security and still be giving billions away to other countries. For years, politicians have made bad investments and borrowed from Social Security and can't pay it back. I propose giving Americans the right to opt out of paying in to Social Security and saving their own money for their retirement, and if you blow it, welcome to free choice, America. Time to quit making Uncle Sam be your babysitter. 

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