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Joe answers all your questions on various topics.

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Cost of Living

Reply to @rachael.susan.69 -- The cost of living is so high because we spend TRILLIONS bailing out the rich, and companies that cannot run their businesses the right way. The cost of products to raise crops and agriculture is out of touch with reality. Do you know that we pay farmers NOT to farm because we have so much grain in storage? Please go through the answers to most of the questions people have asked me already and, once we get our handing out free money to other countries under control, we can start lowering the cost for Americans to live. And we are allowing people from other countries to come here and open businesses tax free for years, while American citizens keep working their asses off to get nowhere.


Reply to @simulatheswampwitch; @dangwoot -- This should be a no -brainer, that our country should take care of the people who fight the wars for us to be free. Our politicians are so invested in giving money to other countries to kiss their asses that we don't take care of our own who put their lives on the line for our freedom. Just the money we give away to other countries would take care of medical and living for anyone who is sick or wounded in our armed forces fighting for our country. Sounds cold and like I have no heart, but we cannot keep feeding and caring for countries that are starving, yet keep having babies in a place where they know they can't care for them. We should be sending birth control instead of money and food. Cut the funding and you will cut the problem--one way or another. Here in America, you would be told to get a job and work for what you get right? So why are we not saying that to the countries we are sending billions to?

Gun Control

Reply to @spencethabagchaser03 -- Gun control is a subject that needs a lot of looking at. First of all, I don't think anyone under 21 should have an assault weapon and, in fact, if you know much about me, my late husband shot himself playing with his gun because he was allowed to buy one without anyone showing him how to use it and what not to do. So he thought taking the clip out and leaving one in the chamber it would not go off and it did and he was stupid enough to put it to his head to prove his point. All we can be thankful for is he didn't point it at someone else. I believe you have the right to carry a gun and protect yourself, but you can do that with a revolver. You don't need an assault rifle to protect yourself. And gun shops should be required to show a buyer how to properly use the gun that the person is buying and what it will and won't do. We must get our mental health problem under control in this country as well, which we ignore so bad right now and this all feeds into bullying and pro-choice, because we are forcing people to be born into horrible situations just over our own beliefs and then we want to blame it on broken homes or the way someone was raised when a kid walks into a school or mall and starts shooting people. I want you to think about something for one minute. Google how many babies are aborted in America each day. Times that by 365 days a year and then times that by 18 years and you tell me at the end of 18 years how many kids were forced to be born into a home that didn't want them and tell me if that will fix our mental health problem, or our broken home problem, or is the Republican party just setting us up for disaster in 18 years for more mass shootings?

Libertarian Party

Reply to @hacob.jazlett -- Until the Libertarian Party stands up with some true ethics, they will never have the same opportunity as the right or the left. Just like when I ran for Governor in Oklahoma in 2017-2018, the Libertarian Party in Oklahoma closed the voting process to Independents just so they could not vote for me in the primary election because it was rigged to not allow someone with a real voice debate their issues. All of our politics should be changed and left up to the people of this country to decide who gets to vote and for who. An independent does not have ballot access in this country and is made to fail for even trying. Libertarians are the true party for the rights of the people and we need to educate more people to become Libertarians because we need to give the voice back to the people of this country. Maybe you should become a volunteer on my campaign and help change this.


Reply to @Action_Ink -- I agree with you totally that non-violent felons should be able to vote anywhere in America. Actually, any felon that has done his time and paid his or her debt to society should be restored their rights to vote and become part of society again. This is another problem this country has--holding people back from changing and becoming part of society after making a mistake, so they are grounded to being an outcast or taking a back seat to society. The problem with this ever changing is that the politicians you have in office right now do not want 10 million people in this country to have a voice after being stuck in the worst justice system on the planet because they would all be voted out of office. It is no different than my situation right now--we have video confessions under oath that the government witnesses committed perjury and not one person in the Department of Justice gives a damn because it is about their conviction rate, not justice, But with the voice we now have, we can make them listen and debate these issues. I just need your voice and everyone else you know to stand behind me.

Public Schools

Reply to @Vast_rob -- The problem with our public school system is just like any other government agency, they don't care about anything other than to make it look good on paper. We have to get parents back to like the old days, parent teacher conferences where the parents actually come to a group meeting, bring a dish of food, get to know each other and the concerns they have about what is going on. Our government is so busy taking care of other countries that we cut the budgets for our own school programs, supplies, and teachers' pay. Until we stand up against our government wasting money on other countries before our own, nothing will change. Right now the Republicans and Democrats are so busy fighting with each other, none of us even knows what is fact or fiction about what is going on in the schools and libraries. This is why a party that is about your rights and not pushing laws on you is so important to get into office.

Decriminalizing Marijuana

Reply to @Harzdad224; @Joe.dirte.98871 -- De-criminalizing marijuana and making it legal in all 50 states would be a plus for the American people, but it would kick our corrupt politicians in the ass that make money off of it being illegal by the politicians that have an interest in jail and prison products made and sold in prisons and jails. The illegal sales from the marijuana that has been seized is a business keeping prisons full, a big business. Just one commissary a month rakes in over $250,000. They don't want to give that up with the Wall Street people and politicians that have stock in Hersey, Moon Lodge, and other companies that sell to the jails and prisons. Go check out, just for E-Cigs being sold in county jails.

I worked as a cop for 4 years and everyone from the tow truck driver to the bondsman to the attorney to the city clerk makes money off of you being arrested for something as simple as marijuana and it is the Republicans that keep this circle going, no one else.

Food Stamps

Reply to Tracey Gladfelter - I agree with you 100%. When I ran for Governor in Oklahoma, I had a zoo and two restaurants and rode everywhere in a limo, so for a test one day I when to DHS and applied for food stamps and never lied on the form, but they gave me and my husband each $150.00 a month because NO ONE checks anything. The staff are two lazy and the system is broken. Imagine if just in Oklahoma 20,000 people did that a month how much we could help people that really need it, then think about that nationwide. The problem is that this is not Biden's or Trump's money, so why should they care how much it costs us working people?

Working Class

Reply to @CryptoEarlOG -- Brother, I hear you, but at this point, I am willing to take one for the team. Could you imagine if we could get enough support out there to really scare the hell out of them? I have been at this a week and look at my endorsements. We must replace our government with working class people that know how hard it is out here. The people in office never step foot out here in our world. Be my voice and go check out my issues on this website.


Reply to @timothyareeves -- China, well there is a major problem. First we have to get America under control with the corruption in D.C. ,the over spending, the sending billions of dollars every month to other countries, and start putting all of that money and energy into our own economy and being able to lower taxes, offer better health care, provide our own energy and then maybe (just maybe) we would not have to have everyone buying stuff made in China and keeping China afloat. The best way to bring anyone down to their knees is cut off their air supply, so everything we buy in China is their air supply, so to speak. We have been so concerned with taking care of other countries that we have let ours go to shit and it's time we stand up and say enough is enough. What is all of these sanctions doing to help keep people under control? NOTHING--you see that with Putin. We have the best military there is and we need to start putting that in other peoples faces around the world that we are not going to play these money and sanction games.

LGBTQ Community

Reply to Dee Eric; Ipanderson -- I am going to catch so much hell from this one, but I wouldn't be doing this if I could not be honest about where I stand and how I stand for each and every person in America. As a gay man that fought through hell in the late 70's and 80's just to not be a target of gay bashing, what the LGBTQ community has done to the progress we made for this new generation has destroyed our work by pushing the gay lifestyle in people's faces. All we wanted to do was be accepted , but they have taken it too far with all of this being put in school libraries, in every commercial on tv, and flaunted in public. As a business owner, I will not be made or told to build a bathroom for transgenders. If you're born with a penis, you are going to pee in the mens' room. As a man with a 3-year-old stepson, and a 7-year-old niece, NO ONE from the opposite sex is going to be using the bathroom in front of them either. It just won't happen on my watch. I stand for loving who you want, getting married, and sharing the same health and tax benefits as anyone else, but there is a line that is not crossed by gay or straight people when it comes to shoving any beliefs down someone else's throat and that means sexually, politically, or religiously. This country has went to hell in a handbasket and it is time we got it back on track. I fully intend on being married to a man, having a step son and raising him to be straight, God hoping, but that will be his choice and until he is 15 I pray he plays with trucks and toys and don't even think about sex or worrying about having a girlfriend or boyfriend at that age. Drag shows are for bars and TV. I have been to many, they can be very entertaining , but they do not belong in our schools or children's events. I have been to two gay parades and was appalled by the way some people acted and dressed up like they were at a beach party with thongs and next to nothing on representing me and my lifestyle. Keep it clean, keep our respect, and keep our rights.

Health Insurance

Reply to Julie Kibbe -- This is not about you paying health insurance to make your life better or take care of your health. This is about the rich getting richer and you working people paying their lifestyle. As I have answered in many other questions, if you look at my immigration policy and cut sending money to other countries for crap that they need to learn to deal with on their own, we could afford to give free health care or fixed insurance that is not based on how much you make. A single parent cannot make it in this country and it is designed to not allow you to make it in this country. This is why so many people are in prison in this country on drummed up charges, because we figured out how to make it without the government in our pocket books so they stick you in prison to keep you from showing others how to keep going without the government running your lives. Once you make it without them they no longer control you and this is what it is all about being able to make you dependent on them and them throwing you a bone every so often making you accept their way of life. Once we clean out D.C., get rid of lifetime politicians, and lifetime federal judges, we will have a voice and a chance in this country. The American dream of owning your own home, property, and having a family does not exist. You rent it from the government by paying taxes and the better you do the more you pay. You don't even own your own body anymore, they mandate vaccinations and reproductive organs. Please look at my social security policies and stuff that would allow you to opt out of them at your work, which would make your check larger and your employer able to pay more because he would not have to match withholding taxes to pay the government and it could go back to you and your employer. It won't be there when you retire, so why let them have it when you can spend it now?

School shootings

Reply to @Cutehairbycaitlyn -- School shootings is a big problem in this country, only because we don't address social media bullying and they put profit over security of online social media. Another problem is, we are now forcing even more children to be born into broken homes or put into foster care to be abused, and we cannot get both sides to agree that this is a problem and meet in the middle--that we can have guns to protect ourselves without needing assault weapons. Again this also falls under the fact that no one in a political office cares enough about taking care of our own country before we take care of another one, only because they are profiting for their own interest by laundering that money and making backdoor deals.

Our FBI is one of the most corrupt agencies in America. They are lying under oath, setting up people and creating the crime to keep these prisons full, just as they did with me. We need a law that NO POLITICIAN or anyone related to a politician can profit or have stock in anything sold or contracted to a Federal Prison. The evidence of them lying under oath, committing major crimes like bank fraud, conspiracy to kill me, rape, and sex trafficking is all on and this alone will prove why I am running for office to fix this problem and get the American people to wake up.

Healthcare & Student Loans

Reply to @tokenleslie; Daae_1110 -- Healthcare in this country is so bad, but it all goes back to our politicians that have their heads so far up their butts, they can't see easy ways around this. This all goes back to my border policy. As long as we are allowing people to come to this country, they should have to pay their fair share to live free in this country, just as our families gave up their lives for fighting for this freedom. We need to do the same as some other countries that, if you're not a citizen, you should have to pay $50 a month until you become a citizen as a non-citizen tax that would allow you to work, pay taxes, and receive a check just like anyone else and that would add to the budget over $750 million per month on the $50 alone, and we could almost give free health care or at least lower it a great deal.

Student loans--I think every state should have a free college, but I don't think it is the taxpayers' duty to pay off student debt. I got into this running for governor also and if the taxpayers pay off your school debt and you get a degree, say being an attorney, then you should have to do some pro bono work for your community that can't afford an attorney to pay back the community for your school debt. In my world, there is no free ride on the backs of others that paid their way through school. I was in college my last year of high school, and I did everything by holding down a job and school so I don't see why everyone else cannot do the same thing. There are more then enough trade schools out there that don't require $30,000 a year to learn to make it in this world.


Reply to @livelygeneticsco -- I have the best border policy there is. Most of all, of it is explained out on my platform page on, but to give you a run down real quick--We must stop the illegal border crossing and to do it and shut it down fast we must move our own military down to the southern border and put a stop to them crossing the river at all. Once they swim across, they would be made to swim back or put on a transport and driven back across the border right away, not days or months later. The people that take the time to fill out the proper paperwork and are vetted should be allowed five years to become a citizen and pay $50 per month to be a non -resident of the United States. This would allow them to work, pay taxes, and be a part of society. If they fail to pay their monthly fee and are caught, then they go straight back across the boarder and not put in American prisons for our taxpayers to foot that bill also. Our people pay with their lives and families to live free here and this free ride for people from other countries must stop.


Reply to @jsr2020_2019; Trevorlahey74 -- I totally agree that we need a homeless plan. I fed the homeless for 20 years at the zoo every holiday. We need to give a hand up, not a hand out in this country. This all goes back to the other problems, which is that we are giving all of our money away to countries that don't want to fix their own problems and just have their hands out and our politicians just keep filling their hands, instead of making them help fix their own problems. We could provide free housing for people that want a chance to get back in society. You and I both know that not everyone will help themselves, even if we offer help first, but there should be housing for like 6 months to give every homeless person a chance to get cleaned up, get a job and get on their feet in 6 months and let the ones that want to help themselves move on, and the ones that don't won't. America is about choices and you have the choice and free will (or you should in this country) to pick your path forward and if we quit taking care of the rest of the world we could take care of our own. It might sound like a horrible thing to do, letting another country starve; however, they are doing it to themselves, we are not doing it to them.

Climate change

Reply to @mallgothdrugrug -- I am sad to say that our climate is never going to change until you get the special interest groups out of the pockets of the politicians. Right now, the tree huggers and the animal rights people own the Democrats and our country needs to drill our own oil and produce our own gas and energy, and cut off buying all of this from other countries that have such low standards on emissions of what is being put into our atmosphere. As long as the Middle East and other countries are burning tar pits and tires in the streets, our skies are filled with airplanes and jet fuel, not to mention we keep sending satellites and rockets through our ozone layer, we will self destruct our own planet. It's to the point where we are trying to figure out how to live on Mars or the Moon. We can produce the cleanest energy on the planet in America, yet we don't do it ourselves because of the special interest groups and the corrupt politicians that make money on promises to other countries to buy their energy. Electric cars is not the answer in America; it just won't work when you have interstates shut down for days due to snow storms and all of these vehicles stuck out there with no way to charge them back up. We cannot produce enough electricity now to keep California and Texas going. We must stop covering our planet with concrete and parking lots. What do you think it is doing to the planet by not allowing it to breath or release the heat that it is containing from being covered in concrete and buildings? This will all fall back on people pushing their belief's onto others, we are going to breed ourselves out of existence because we will consume this planet with people. Have you put any thought into if you made every person on this planet a vegan just how long it would take for us to eat everything that produces oxygen and clean our air for us to breath? We must find a balance that people can live without forcing everyone to have the same beliefs.

School lunches

Reply to @Samuelsonparker -- It should be mandatory in this country for free school lunches; there is no reason why school lunches should not be provided. Just in Garvin County, Oklahoma, one of the school superintendents is making $300,000.00 a year in salary and has less students then just one school in Oklahoma City. Our tax dollars are being wasted in stupid places instead of being spread out within the school system to make it more fair and manageable-- like teacher salaries, school lunches, and school supplies. Every child should be able to start school with a provided pack of pencils, notebook and colors and ruler but it is left up to the people to fundraise for everything and that is part of the problem. Your politicians know that here in America we will take care of our own, and that's why they waste and spend so much money on things out of this country. Once we cut their funding to give money away to other countries we will be able to care for our own.

Medical Insurance

Reply to @call4nurse; @ _Eternalsamnation; Denise Adams -- Medical insurance in this country is a joke and what I am wanting to do to stop funding other countries and their problems would just about give America free health care, it would drop the prices so much. It is all a scam. The good thing about me running is that I know a little too much about what is really going on in this country with the scams in and around a lot of this. At the zoo, I had my own DEA number that allowed me to buy any drug that you can get at a pharmacy. Do you know  that you can buy a 500 count bottle of Amoxicillin from Valley Vet Supply, which is the same place most hospitals and pharmacies get their drugs from, for only $46.00 and then the pharmacy charges you twice that for 30 pills?

Same thing with IVs--an IV costs $3 and a hospital, ambulance or day surgery charges you $500 per IV.

When Travis died, I had him cremated, I was the preacher, I had his funeral at the zoo, and with all the permits, cost of cremation and dealing with the funeral home, it still cost me over $6,500.00 and I did everything, but take him to the crematory myself. Everything is a racket and Social Security only gives you like $255 to help bury someone after paying in your entire life. But the buck has to stop by giving away Americans hard working money to other countries for their problems and as bad as it sounds to just leave people in need, we must look out for our own first.


Reply to @Venus Santos; @Heather Ann Kaup;  Jenny Kilgour-brooks -- I got you on the disabled/vets/ homeless--those issues are very addressed on this website; however, I won't put a human in the same class as an animal, nor would I support giving someone a life sentence for killing a dog just like a human. This is right now what's wrong with this country and you need to open your eyes and see the big picture here. Orgs like PeTA the HSUS are putting so much money in politicians pockets that they care more about a fish and a hamster in a petstore then they do your grandmother on the sidewalk because they cut her social security so much that she PAID IN for years that she can't afford housing and food. You must pick your matter of importance. Go check out follow the money on google and see just how much is being donated from special animal rights groups to politicians. It will make you sick

Justice System

Reply to @vegasvampyre -- I am the first one to tell you that our justice system is corrupt and no one gives a shit. This is why I am doing this and I need the support of people like you that understand the problem and help me get it fixed. I have been now 5 years just trying to get the Department of Justice to look at the video confessions of their own witnesses admitting to perjury, a plot to kill me , and rape (of all things), and no one cares. A man just got out of prison yesterday after 30 years in Florida and finally proved he is innocent.


Reply to @damienechols -- It is people like you to be my voice and rally people out there so we can change all of this. I understand what you have been through and NO ONE should have to spend years in prison when evidence is there proving they're innocent. This is why I am so mad that Brittney Griner went through the whole process in 10 months in Russia and America says Russia is corrupt? Help be my voice,

Two-Party System

Reply to Fartflimpson and Scarold Larold -- This country can no longer operate with a two party system. It needs to be abolished, and decisions like this need to go on a ballot as a question and put up for the voters. It is made with the electoral college to only be for republicans and democrats and no one else has a chance of winning or even having ballot access. 


Reply to Richard Childs -- All of this goes back to the fact that American politicians care far more about people from other countries and people that come here from other countries that are not citizens of the United States than they do their own. We must stop sending money everywhere and allowing people to come here without paying their way until they become citizens. We give tax breaks for them to start businesses, get housing, and everything while your family gives up your kids and your lives to fight for the freedom we hand everyone else for free. We could offer free health care or at least very low cost health care to everyone if we just made illegals pay $50 a month, work, and be able to pay taxes for the five years they are here trying to become a citizen and we cut funding to every country we send billions to in order to give them aid and feed their population problem. We have approximately 15 million immigrants in this country that should be paying in, instead of living off of your hard work that you have paid in and then you can't get any help. That would be close to $750 million a month with just that alone, without the billions we send overseas for gender identity and other crap. Right now is our chance to make them listen, I know this is a long shot doing what I am doing, but with enough people like you that care we can have a voice.

 Libertarian Party

Reply to Collin Duprel -- I am hoping that enough people in America have had enough of the two party system and see the evidence that I am innocent at and ask the Libertarian Party to back me because I have the world platform to pull this off more than any Libertarian there is right now and I have realistic answers to peoples questions.

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