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Press Release: Joe Exotic demands a restraining order

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Joe Exotic Tiger King

TO: Senator Lankford and U.S. Attorney Oklahoma City For Immediate Release: JOE EXOTIC DEMANDS RESTRAININIG ORDER AGAINST THREE GOVERNMENT WITNESSES IN HIS CASE I demand that the U.S. Attorney's office in OKC put a restraining order on their witnesses Jeffrey and Lauren Lowe and James Garretson that was involved in my case. The U.S. Attorney’s office in OKC and the Department of Justice has a corrupt practice of protecting criminals for personal and political agendas and agents have unleashed and given a free pass to these three criminals to continue their bank fraud (, rape ( and identity theft ( The U.S. Attorney’s office in OKC, the FBI and the United States have been provided over 1000 pages, videos, photos and recordings from the above three government witnesses cellphones and computers proving such crimes including sex trafficking of over 75 Asian girls from Texas to Las Vegas. And the Western District of Oklahoma chooses to ignore the truth to keep the conviction on me instead of seeking justice.

Jeff and Lauren Lowe along with James Garretson has and to this day continue to stalk and harass my attorney John M Phillips, his staff and his wife. Filing false reports to the Florida Bar, online threats, harassment and slander. They attack my power of attorney, my campaign team, anyone who supports me in public along with my fiancé, his sister and ex-girlfriend. My case is ongoing, I have wasted 16 months now for Judge Palk to rule on a motion for a new trial and with the admissions of perjury, a plot to kill me ( The judge and the U.S. Attorneys are stalling because the course they created will never pass a new jury since we have obtained the government witnesses cellphones and computers exposing that the government knew they were committing perjury. Jeff, Lauren, James and the hitman Allen Glover were recording the federal agents the whole time and in hopes of becoming famous turned everything over to my attorney proving I’m innocent. This is the very corrupt system that has indicted Donald Trump with 91 charges, and this would be the same as if the IRS whistleblowers were attacking Trumps attorneys, team and family on a day-to-day basis. It’s illegal and witness tampering. These people need put on a leash by the U.S. Attorney's office who has unleashed this mob of criminals. As a presidential candidate I call on President Biden, Senator Lankford, Senator Rubio, Congressman Gaetz and Congresswomen Boebert to have the U.S. Attorney in OKC issue a restraining order against these 3 witnesses. Also, I will not stop until I get an impeachment called for now judge Amanda Green, assistant attorney Charles Brown and the U.S. attorney for violating their oath of office to seek fair justice and for violating my constitutional rights of due process, false imprisonment, loss of my business, and going on 6 years of loss of my life. President Biden promised during his 2020 run he would reform justice and prison and to this day nothing has been done and crime has gone rampant. Because all he cares about is climate and dodging questions about Hunter. The truth about my case and what the feds done to me will be told during this election. Come hell or high water. To this day my pardon collects dust on Bidens desk. For full video evidence videos go to: Respectfully, Joe Exotic Joseph Maldonado FMC Fort Worth Reg 26154-017 PO Box 15330 Fort Worth, TX 76119

9.5 Joe Exotic Demands Restraining Order
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Lori Fisher
Lori Fisher
Sep 08, 2023

Ya,the poverty

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