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Press Release: Prison Reform and Poverty

For Immediate Release:


So while struggling people are working for pennies at McDonalds and Walmart, Biden is using

the poor and average people tax money to continue to invest and fund the rich.

The same old systems that keep poor people poor are the same ones that cause more people in

poverty to end up in jail. Many lawyers make 50,000 a week, that’s more than most families

make in an entire year.

What happens when the average person needs a good attorney? They can’t afford one or they

have to pay the person that Biden’s policies invested into making themselves even poorer.

Prison has become a poverty trap. Like the chicken and the egg, can’t really say which came

first- poverty or imprisonment.

Generational poverty is hard to break and we as Americans must come up with a solution to stop

the viscous family cycle. The systems that lead to the incarceration of millions of people, creates

an endless cycle of inequality, money for the rich and the curse of generational poverty that is

nearly impossible to break. We all know being poor plays a role in the level of crime in a community because income inequality is actually a prediction of crime rates in an area.

And Biden wants to forgive $400 billion school debt so the college graduates can screw

their neighbors and communities for $500 an hour?

We seriously need to rethink what is being done in America.

Representative Matt Gaetz and Senator Marco Rubio have both filed inquiries and active

investigations into my case and are aware that poverty and imprisonment in America is a

major problem and the system needs to be improved. Their time is an investment into the

future that will allow me to fix this country.

As a free man, I vow to all Americans when elected as the President of the United States I

will make major changes to fix poverty and provide prison reform.

Here are some of my solutions:

• Nonviolent offenders- except for sex offenders should not serve more than 5 years.

• Elderly- 50% of their time served sentence once reach the age 60.

• Military service- should be option for anyone that has nonviolent charges.

• Ghost dope charges- should not even exist.

• First time offenders- should not be sentenced with same guidelines as a repeat offender.

• Prison work release program- so they can provide for families and earn good credit

time towards sentence.

• End prison classes

• Charge the corrupt BOP staff with crimes.

I am calling on Joe Biden to debate me on prison reform and to help end poverty.

Joe Maldonado aka Joe Exotic

FMC Fort Worth

Reg 26154-017

PO Box 15330

Fort Worth, TX 76119

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Betty King
Betty King
13 hours ago

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