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Joe Exotic Transgender Policy

My Trans Policy to Politicians

I'm running as a Democrat because someone has to stand up for the half of the Democrats with their heads in the sand and the other half with their heads in their asses!

You want to take parents' rights away at school to know if their child is identifying as another sex, which tells the child they don't have to listen to or inform their parents about everything they do as a minor. But when one brings a gun to school or hurts someone, then you want to put the very same parent in jail because it's now their child.

You cannot have it both ways. The government either is responsible for everything about that child and pays to raise it, or you mind your own business, of which you can't even do your own job right, and let the parents raise their own kids.

Crime is out of control because there is no discipline at home now and you want to make it worse by taking more parents' rights away.

Joe Exotic

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Laslo Keller
Laslo Keller
09 Φεβ

Thanks for explaining your position, it's broad and I respect that. I myself do not share this position. In sexuality, I follow traditional Christian values. I don't understand your position and the reason is physiology, for example, it is difficult for transgender people to answer the question of how many times can a man ejaculate in one day. There are also other questions that are difficult for them to answer.

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