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My personal experience 

Warning: graphic content!

I was held in Grady County Jail in Chickasha, Oklahoma in solitary confinement and isolation from September of 2018 until March 25, 2020. The federal system contracts with local and private small jails to hold federal prisoners and the abuse and lack of care is beyond horrible. I was put in solitary rooms with dried feces, urine, and blood on the floors, walls, and the metal shelf made for sleeping with no padding or anything to lay on, to the point I contracted Hepatitis A from the feces and filth I was forced to sleep in for weeks and months at a time, naked, with no clothes on at all. Anytime you push the help button or knock on the door for help, they consider that to be self-harm and gives them an excuse to tie tyou in a chair, which they did to me many times, naked, and put me in a dark shower so long, using the bathroom on myself and vomiting, until the skin came off my arms from the straps. Sometimes as many as 8 guards at a time would tie me down, beating me, or tasing me. 

Joe bleeding wrist_edited.jpg

Justin Thao's experience

Warning: graphic content!

Justin Thao was a young man on his way home from a marijuana charge in the federal system and was beaten by the exact same staff that did all of this to me, except they tased him multiple times, locked in the same exact dark shower except they put a towel in with him. He was scared of the dark and small spaces and they knew this, so they used it to their advantage and locked him in there naked after a beating. Listen to this young man scream for his life, begging to be let out and get some help. "Help me please! I am going to kill myself" and the only response he gets is "shut up or you are never going to get out of there." Over an hour later, they checked on him and found Justin hanging dead on the door with the very same towel that they put in there to hang himself with. Then they lied to the medics from the ambulance station in town that they just checked on him 15 minutes before. The security cameras verified they lied to the medics to cover their asses. Justin Thao was just a young man that meant nothing to the Grady County jail staff or the US Department of Justice. This happens to thousands of men and women every day in America and it must stop. Nothing gets reported because they cover for each other and keep everything hush-hush to make you think that the American federal system is perfect and better than any other country when it's one of the worst because our politicians profit from this far too much. Not one staff member had to answer for either my abuse or Justin's abuse. Help us matter. I have seen the worst of the worst with my own eyes. I have lived it, and I need your support to stop it before this happens to you or someone you love.

- In Memory of Justin Thao

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