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Joe Exotic Press Release: President Biden’s Failed Campaign Promises

President Biden’s Failed Campaign Promises

For Immediate Release

May 12, 2023

As not only a Presidential candidate for 2024, but as a wrongfully incarcerated American in the federal prison system, I am appalled at the failed promises always made by people running for office in this country that never stand up for what they promise the American people just to get their vote. Why in Sam Hell does Congress have to waste time and money introducing bills and passing laws just to make an agency do their damn job?

President Trump introduced the First Step Act, but the Bureau of Prisons and the Biden Administration have kept it in such a recordkeeping mess that it is impossible for an inmate to get credits earned without nearly a year of tort claims and administrative remedies, which eat up the credits an inmate works for to go home early.

Now that the CARES Act has come to an end, the Bureau has found another way to keep inmates from going home early, and that is placing unnecessary medical holds on them, instead of doing their job of making sure the laws passed for inmates’ rights are followed.

My very own medical records, which are in the possession of my Attorney John Phillips, have been falsified by the medical staff that are contracted by the Bureau of Prisons.

Colette Peters, the new director of the Bureau of Prisons, has done nothing to improve the conditions, diet, medical care, or any early release programs. In fact, the food and diets have decreased.

Commissary spending limits have been cut by $110 per month, and with inflation and the cost of goods going up, inmates are able to buy far less food to feed themselves, only because the Bureau would like you to keep all of your food, five changes of clothes, books, letter writing materials, and anything else you acquire in the years you spend in prison in an outdated three-foot tall locker with one shelf. Now they have cut what you can take to recreation with you too.

They sell you sunscreen, water bottles, and a mesh gym bag to make money, but don’t allow you to take the gym bag to recreation with you, just like they don't provide salt or pepper in the chow hall, and not even enough ketchup to make your food taste like it’s worth eating, but they sell it all to you on the commissary.

So, what’s the point, other than to make the politicians rich that have an interest in the companies selling these items to the prison commissaries?

Senators are fed up with the federal prison system's failures and mismanagement. Senators John Ossoff (D-GA), Mike Braun (R-IN), and Dick Durbin (D-IL) have introduced the Federal Prison Oversight Act, which would establish independent oversight of the Federal Bureau of Prison facilities. It’s absurd that the taxpayers have to waste more money having Senators take time to type up bills and go through committees, votes in the House, then the Senate, just to make someone do their damn job.

This should all fall on the heads of the Director of the Bureau and the failed promises of the current President to reform the justice and prison system. If this new bill was to pass, it would require the Justice Department's Inspector General, who also must be failing at his job or a bill would not be required, to conduct risk assessments of the Bureau of Prisons and create a Bureau ombudsman with the authority to make unannounced visits to facilities.

With its ever-increasing budget, inability to safely staff its facilities, and lack of full transparency with Congress, independent oversight of the Bureau of Prisons has become both essential and necessary. The lack of media attention to issues within our own system is why the system is failing at such an alarming rate. The voting public should be aware of the failures that politicians make before running for re-election just like in 2024.

I am not only wrongfully incarcerated, but I am the voice of the voiceless that have been kidnapped in America by a failing system that it is impossible to get out of.

It is time this was addressed.

Joseph Maldonado aka Joe Exotic

Reg. No. 26154-017

FMC Fort Worth

PO Box 15330

Fort Worth, TX


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