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May 14, 2023

For Immediate Release:

The U.S. Pardon Attorney's office emailed my Unit Team at the Butner North Carolina Prison Hospital to inform me that my Pardon was under review. Could President Biden's Administration be on the verge of making this horrible mistake right? But not without a glitch.

One of my Attorneys, Molly Palmer, says that a Pardon cannot be given while a case has an active motion or appeal going on, so could this stop President Biden from issuing a commutation or a full pardon based on the new evidence of affidavits and video confessions under oath from the government's hitman and other witnesses that they lied under oath to the grand jury and to my trial jury and that they had a plot to kill me to begin with?

It seems, though, that being held as a political prisoner, it can be true. Western District Federal Judge Scott Palk has been sitting on my over 1000 page motion with the new evidence that my attorney, John Phillips, filed in May of 2022 over a year and three weeks now, making it impossible to receive a so-called Pardon, even with the Attorney General, the judge, the U.S. attorney in Oklahoma City, and the President of the United States all knowing that the evidence is there that am innocent.

I am thinking how in the hell can this all be happening?

Finally, they have all seen the evidence, they all know I am innocent, and I am still having my life taken away from me by a federal judge that knew this was all there in Brady Violations, and so much more, when he sentenced me back to 21 years and we call this Justice? What does an oath of office mean to anyone nowadays when you are sworn to uphold the law, but you ignore it to save face or wipe a little egg off your face.

You are telling me that the President of the United States, the most powerful man on the planet, does not have the power to demand that the Department of Justice and the United States Attorney General drop all charges and release me? But he has the power to take office and reverse everything that prior presidents put in place to make this country function better?

People think that I begged President Biden for a pardon and sucked up to him to make it happen. People need to stop and think for a minute that this was all President Trump's administration, attorney general, appointed federal judge and appointed U.S. attorneys that wrongfully indicted me with perjury and put me in prison for 22 years to lay the groundwork for an agenda called the Big Cat Safety Act, now known as the Tiger King Bill.

In March of 2020, when Tiger King hit Netflix, I had been kidnapped by the Department of Justice and held in isolation and solitary confinement from Sept. of 2018 to February of 2021, and my proclaimed attorney at that time, Francisco Hernandez, and Team Tiger led by Eric Love, took over my life and made a circus of it with big buses, limos, private wrapped jets, and every stunt they could find except finding new evidence. I neither knew nor approved of any of it and, in fact, didn't even know until it was over, and that was by letters and photos sent to me by them and fans.

I begged them to stop because I wasn't some circus sideshow and asked four different times for them to just stand in front of the White House and hold a national press conference with the evidence we had that was not shown in court. But they made four trips to D.C. and did nothing except throw money at the Trump Hotel and get drunk. I ask for the same thing today with the new evidence of perjury, and so much more in hand--to stand in front of the White House and demand to the media why this is happening in America?

Why can evidence be so clear and my life be held up by a federal judge that just doesn't want to answer a motion in a timely manner?

At this point, I would rather him deny my motion and that would give President Biden 13 days to grant a pardon or commutation before I had to file an appeal to Denver, Colorado and put all of this new evidence and the violations and prosecutorial misconduct all in front of three new judges to finally go home.

This would only take 10-12 months to complete, but the Department of Justice, and those who don't want to admit the truth, are trying to make me do as much time as they can or hoping that die in here from cancer or suicide first so this case goes away and they don't have to admit any wrongdoing.

I will continue to fight for my own bill to be a voice for the people in my position, now called the Joe Exotic Safety Act.

Joe Exotic

Joe Maldonado

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