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Everyone should be allowed to own a weapon in my opinion, and I also think that NON-Violent felons should be able to, just because you get caught in a tax case, bank case or something nonviolent does not mean your dangerous. I do however think that the age should be 21 for all weapons period, the argument about you can go serve and die for this country at 18 but you can't buy a gun until your 21 is no excuse or argument because when you go to the service you are trained and structured to use that weapon not just walk into a store and buy one without knowing how to use it. A store should be required to show you how to use it properly and sign off that they did show you. If I would have made Travis go take a class and learn about the gun he had, he would be alive today because he would have learned first it is not a toy and second that it will go off with the clip out. There should not be any reason for a normal citizen to carry an automatic weapon in this country.

So, my stand in this should be good for anyone.

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Adam Stephens
Adam Stephens
Nov 29, 2023

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