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The Real Feeling of Alone by Joe Exotic

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

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The real feeling of ALONE

By Joe Exotic

Alone is, being at a bond hearing and NO one shows up to say hey, this is my husband or my friend and he is a great man and should be able to go home and fight his case.

Alone is, being locked in a 8x12 foot concrete room with nothing but your mind to drive you crazy.

Alone is, being tied naked in a chair for so many hours the skin comes off your arms and your feet are in vomit from the last person that it was done to.

Alone is, being put naked in a concrete room with feces and urine on the walls and floors for weeks at a time.

Alone is, going to trial against an army of liars all alone because none of your people wanted to stick their necks out for the truth.

Alone is, years of Waiting for a Thanksgiving,

Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day and Birthday card to come that never does from that one person in life you fell in love with and those you have helped.

Alone is, calling home to only find that your number has been blocked because your a bother.

Alone is, laying in this tiny room alone at night praying to God to make your heart stop even if you have to sell your soul to the devil to have it happen.

Alone is, Your parents dying while you’re trapped in here and not ever having any closure or saying goodbye.

Alone is, Having everyone use your name to self profit while being shut away.

Alone is, being told that its time to completely leave you so one can move on like you are a dog that was just left at the pound.

Alone, to some its just a feeling of not having someone to have sex with, go get drunk with and hang out with, I pray to God that you never experience what my Alone is really like and then to just be tossed to the side like common trash because right now you feel alone being at home with family and friends and able to move at free will.

If the tables were turned I would be raising 3 kinds of hell to get the one I loved out of this hell.

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