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Press Release 8.22.23

Joe Exotic

For Immediate Release:


Joe Exotic must add experienced criminal attorneys to his team, or he will never make it out of prison alive.

The system is stacked against anyone that has an opinion, especially Joe Exotic.

Even the prosecutor that convicted him had a vendetta against Joe and is an animal rights activist well connected with PETA.

Joe has the evidence that he was set up and witnesses have admitted to collusion and perjury on video and have even signed affidavits under oath.

Exotic submitted a motion for a new trial over a year and a half ago. The judge that presides in his case has not acknowledged or set a new date to hear the new evidence.

Joe Exotic has over half a million followers on all his social media platforms combined.

All he needs is 30,000 people to text and give $1.00. With the help of Cardi B, Worldstar and No Jumper, Joe could make this possible within a matter of hours and gain his freedom back

Everyone that supports Joe Exotic is urged to help by texting freejoe to 972-635-0744 or visit:

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