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For Immediate Release:

JOE EXOTIC HAS A DIRECT MESSAGE TO KIM KARDASHIAN ABOUT PRISON AND JUSTICE REFORM Kim Kardashian, I see on TV that you are jumping in the arena to help prison and justice reform? I hope it's just not another way for you to get publicity because both systems are so badly broken, and the people stuck in this broken system do not need to be used as publicity stunts for Hollywood. I have a challenge for you if you’re serious. Go to and watch the videos of just how innocent I am, and how the government is covering up the truth that I was the target to be killed, just to keep me in here. Then help me get President Biden to make good on his campaign promise to reform the justice and prison system because, as of today, he has done nothing. Then I am asking you to team up with me to bring attention to how the system is broken and how it needs to be fixed because I know better than anyone else just how broken and corrupt it really is–from how federal judges are appointed, to the corruption of federal agents and how they lie to make a case to the prosecutors, to how they commit perjury and misconduct in order to make a conviction to climb that political ladder, to the sentencing guidelines, to the probation department for the pre-sentencing report, to the corruption in the county jails with federal contracts, to the prisons that are supposed to be secure, but contain more illegal drugs then the southern border of the United States. Together we have the platform to change all this for the entire country. Right now, you have a better chance of being arrested and convicted while innocent than you do having a chance at winning the lottery. People of all colors, and mainly people of color, are being enslaved by the federal system because they cannot afford attorneys and must use public defenders. The violation of their constitutional rights alone by being punished for asking for a fair trial is criminal enough all by itself. Once you ask for a trial, they supersede your indictment with more charges to punish you for asking for a trial so they scare and blackmail poor folks into pleading guilty just as Britney Ginner did in Russia, thinking they will get a break when, in fact, it is to only work for $5.25 a month for the political agenda of politicians with financial interest in the prison system. You can help me change this. So many people should be returned to their families to help provide for them and become part of society. When the lawmen break the law, there is no law. And right now, with the corruption within the system, we have no real law or equal justice, and I am asking you to contact me and let's together make a difference. The war on drugs must stop. When we cannot keep them out of a 15-acre fenced in federal prison, we will never keep them from crossing our country’s borders.

Respectfully, Joe Exotic

Joseph Maldonado FMC Fort Worth

Reg 26154-017

PO Box 15330

Fort Worth, TX 76119

Joe Exotic Press Release April 21, 2023 Kim K final pdf
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