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DeSantis wants to repeal Trumps Prison Reform.

DeSantis wants to repeal Trumps Prison Reform. By Joe Exotic

During the Trump Administration Former President Trump enacted the First Step Act which gave federal prisoners an incentive to better themselves, take classes and get time off their sentence after serving 2/3 of their time. Senators Durbin and Greesly are both behind prison and justice reform but it is no secret that Ron DeSantis is all for repealing everything Trump put into play and making the federal prison and justice system one of his most lethal weapons to use against the American Citizens. As a candidate running in the Democratic Party for President, I truly believe that if the Republican party supports DeSantis for the Republican nomination that America will become a dictatorship ran by DeSantis and this cannot happen. The man favors lashing out at anyone that does not agree with him and if he has to he will change the laws to favor his opinion and make what you're doing that he doesn't like illegal and put you in prison or tax the hell out of you. We have enough problems with President Biden giving our country away, we don't need someone in office that is going to make us live by his rules. America must stand up to the horrible direction this country is headed to. I am not a Trumpet but I would rather run against him then Ron DeSantis any day.

The BOP is in bad enough shape with the 200 million dollars in infrastructure problems that the Government cannot get fixed or will approve the money to fix and the corruption within the system is far too wide to ever get under control of. DeSantis wants to keep what is already overpopulated with people that should be going home or should have never been here to start with in here longer and longer and we must find out why?

With the problems between the Fiser Court saying the FBI lies on hundreds of thousands of search warrants I would say anyone running for office should make cleaning up the corruption within the Justice System their first priority instead of trying to figure out how to fill these prisons fuller with innocent hard-working people.

Joe Exotic

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