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Joe Exotic: Trump is getting a taste of the corrupt DOJ that normal people live with

For Immediate Release:

I think it's funny to listen to the news or the radio and hear former President Trump make statements like, "This is so wrong, I am an innocent man and I have been proving it for 7 years now," or hearing others like Senator Scott say, "The Department of Justice is being weaponized against Trump by the Democrats."

Now they are getting a taste of the very corrupt system that they all sat in Congress building and allowing to continue, instead of fixing it.

They all think it's a fair and just system when they are weaponizing American citizens who can't afford to fight back just to fill these prisons for the sole purpose of profiting from the contracts and sales of products it sells to the inmates, and use to keep them housed.

Trump is being charged by the same system I was charged with, except that I was kidnapped by this system, along with tens of thousands of others, refused bond, and kept away from having access to help fight my case. At least Trump will walk free and be able to help his legal team put together a defense. In my eyes, he, along with others, should be held with no bond because he has the ability to flee more than I could have even thought of.

The FBI and the Department of Justice has used the RICO Act against so many citizens in this country, convicted them on hearsay, and punished them for asking for a fair trial just like I was punished. The minute I asked for a trial, they reindicted me with 20 more charges just to punish me for asking for a trial. Let's see if they do the same to Trump for taking this to trial.

The whole federal system is corrupt and must be fixed, and if dragging Trump or any other politician through the mud is what it takes, then so be it. The American people have been the target of this corruption for far too long and karma is finally working its way around the circle of life.

My question is, will Trump ever just get in the news and sign a contract with the American people that, if he is given the chance to be President again, will he get rid of the FBI this time, and fight to change the Department of Justice so that they cannot just convict you on hearsay and stack charges just because you ask for a trial? And will he make the system equal for all, meaning the rich and the poor?

The question is, would he plan on pardoning himself, or any other candidate running for office right now that is promising to pardon him, if they are elected in 2024? Or would Trump, or anyone else that wins, sign the nearly 17,000 pardon and commutation requests that are sitting on the desk of the President's office? Or is this only going to be a Free Trump campaign again and to hell with the rest of us sitting in this corrupt shit forever?

I have been fighting for 5 years to just get the Judge to rule on a new trial and can't get anywhere.

If Trump is convicted of anything, let's see if he even goes to prison and fights through this same slow-ass system like the rest of us do, or if he is going to be given special rights to be free while fighting his appeals?

This should teach every politician a lesson--that no matter who you are, you are no better than the poorest person that works and pays taxes, and to be careful of the system that you all build because you live in glass houses.

Until Trump answers some of this for the people in public, I will continue to ask my followers to not support anyone but me in this election.

Joe Exotic

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