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Joe Exotic: Sustaining our own energy the cleanest way right here in America.

For Immediate Release: June 20, 2023 By Joe Exotic

The past and current Administrations have struggled to decide how to create the United States Electricity and Energy.

Trump is for our country providing its own right here from America and President Biden has his take that we should be getting it (oil and gas) from other countries that produce it much dirtier than we can here at home.

Why are we struggling here in America and placing restrictions on our own people when we turn around and buy the same product we can produce cleaner in America from other countries?

The green new deal, the climate crisis, hurricanes, bad weather events and now we are putting wind farms in the ocean to disturb the very eco system that most of this planet is covered with? Whales are beaching themselves due to the disruption of the electric currents from the wind turbines in the ocean blocking their communication signals and their homing ability and it's causing them to beach themselves.

Where does or how can any President sell such a ridiculous idea that stopping our energy producers from producing energy whether it be coal mining, oil drilling or gas extraction cleaner in America and turning every car into running on electric engines and then turn around and support disrupting our ocean life and the killing of whales to sell an electric car idea?

This is why I would like to be included in some debates. To make sense of what the hell these people are thinking other then they have stock in what they are promoting. Does President Biden have some family or relative with stock in wind farming or the manufacturing of turbines? Or is he that out of touch to know that if we disrupt our oceans that the weather disasters are going to get worse and our food chain is going to be disrupted even more or does he even care?

On my watch we will produce safe and clean energy and make any company put the environment back the way it was or better once that area is no longer used and we will protect our eco system while we produce our own energy. No one will be allowed to do any off shore drilling or installation of wind farms that disrupt our ocean environments.

We will NEVER have every car in this country running on electric. That is impossible and anyone smart would know that. In snowstorms when interstates are shut down and blocked for days, who is going to charge all of those batteries? People on a tight income now can't afford gas, how are they going to afford those expensive batteries? When you can't keep the lights on during disasters how are you going to charge cars and emergency vehicles when the power is out for weeks or days? When places like California and Texas cannot keep the power grids on now what is going to happen when every single vehicle is electric? Please quit kidding yourselves and wake up to what these people are trying to sell you.

Support sustaining our own energy the cleanest way we can right here in America- but on land so we can replace the damage.

Joe Exotic

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Membre inconnu
21 juin 2023

If we had all electric cars we would be in trouble. I never thought of

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