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Letter to Democratic Senators

May 17, 2023 Dear Senators

There is no need for a long introduction I am sure you are aware of who I am from the news and from the show Netflix's Tiger King. If that still don't ring a bell maybe nicknaming the Big Cat Safety Act "Tiger King" that you voted for will.

I am writing every Democrat politician in Washington D.C. to advocate for my freedom and to authenticate as running for office just how dangerous Trumps followers are and can be.

Let me start by asking you to go look at and I want you to watch the video confessions under oath of the governments witnesses that testified against me admitting to perjury, a plot to kill me and the recordings we have now obtained from their very own phones of the federal agents knowing that they were not only lying under oath but perswaded to do so in order to obtain a conviction and make me an example to pass such a law and take my zoo away from me. In these recordings you will hear the witnesses take part in rape, sex trafficing, identity theft, bank fraud and forcing women to take drugs to have sex. Yes this is what the two FBI Agents, one federal wildlife agent and two Assistant U.S. Attorneys took part in and I now have all of the proof.

You might not think this is such a big deal but President Biden and the Democrats campaigned on justice and prison reform and equal rights and to this day NOTHING has been done for either promise. Failed promises is what will be the topic of every interview that I do and this won't be just against President Biden but against former President Trump as well because it was his appointed federal judge and prosecuters that did this to me and I will make sure the voting citizens are very aware of this.

I have now been waiting a year and 6 weeks for a federal judge to rule on my motion for a new trial and it has gone on deaf ears just for the reason that he don't want to admit they were wrong and corrupt in this whole case. Senator Rubio has had a congressional inquiry open on my case and the Prison Rape Elemination Act Case that I filed against a federal facilities staff for trying to make me perform oral sex, then stripping me naked, tying me in a chair and putting me in the dark shower for so long that the skin came off of my arms and I was scared for my life. Congressman Matt Gaetz has publically stated that I should be pardoned. Lauren Bobart has publically supported me to be freed from prison. It took me putting billboards up accross America with the photos just to get an investigation open that has went NOWHERE.

I am not asking for any special treatment but I am asking for justice and I have been trying for over 5 years of my life now just to get my honest day in court and that seems so impossible. Maybe I should have been arrested in Russia for America and the politicians to care about my life as Brittney Griner made it through the whole Russia justice dystem in less then 10 months and President Biden and the White House tripped all over themselves to get her home and claim she was wrongfully detained.

How about me being wrongfully detained? The evidence is now there in over 416 phone recordings, videos and photos of your Federal Agents conspiring to commit perjury and many other crimes.

I worked my entire life to do good by others, I was a police chief at the age of 19 and was given awards by the United States Postal Service for my crime prevention programs. I made it 55 years without as much as a speeding ticket to just be kidnapped by the Department of Justice and the corrupt agents to further an agenda for some greedy criminals and to pass a law to prevent you from petting a baby tiger.

President Trump would not have had to call Georgia and beg for 11,000 votes if he would have done the right thing and signed my pardon that was on his desk. He would have gained the 37 million influencers that have endorsed me to run for office that only want to see justice served by the White House allowing me to go home, not because of who I am but because the evidence is there to prove I don't belong in prison.

President Biden would be the hero of this election to make this wrong right and show America and people all over the world that he does in fact stand for Justice even in his own system. My pardon sits on his desk with over 1000 pages of evidence to prove my innocence.

I can assure you I can get found innocent with a new trial or even on appeal. The problem is the very judge that gave Carole Baskin my zoo and provided over every civil lawsuit she filed against me, now he is also the judge that tried and sentenced me as well and now he is the judge that refuses to rule on a motion for a new trial to just make me do more time before the government has to admit they were wrong.

Please speak to your colleagues and I can assure you that making this wrong a right would be a smart move because I do anywhere from 4-7 live interviews a week as it is now from federal prison, think about what I could do for the movement against Trump and the Republicans that put me here by illegal means if I was to have a year to rally behind a positive movement.


Joseph Maldonado aka Joe Exotic

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