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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Renowned former zoo owner and reality TV star Joe Exotic, The Tiger King, has announced his collaboration with Kingmaker Cannabis to launch a national cannabis brand under the Kingmaker banner. As a presidential candidate for the 2024 election, Joe Exotic has been a strong advocate of legalizing marijuana, pointing out the potential to generate billions of tax dollars in revenue and to save taxpayers millions every year by avoiding imprisonment for cannabis use. Moreover, Joe is a proponent of decriminalizing small amounts of drug possession and favors programs to help individuals overcome addiction instead of incarceration. He cites Amsterdam's success in assisting drug users by providing a safe environment, and he believes that this approach could serve as a model for the United States to address the fentanyl epidemic. Joe Exotic, in his own words, "If we can't keep drugs out of prison, how can we expect to keep them off the streets?" With the partnership with Kingmaker, Joe Exotic aims to raise awareness of his vision for cannabis legalization and decriminalization. Apart from the cannabis brand, Joe's collaboration with Kingmaker also includes his music career. Kingmaker Music, a subsidiary of Kingmaker Cannabis, will work with Joe Exotic on his musical endeavors, marking an exciting chapter for both parties. Joe is a versatile and talented musician who has released multiple albums and songs over the years, garnering a dedicated fan base. Kingmaker Music's partnership with Joe is expected to amplify his musical reach and provide him with opportunities to showcase his artistry to new audiences. Kingmaker is excited to partner with Joe Exotic and support his campaign for the 2024 presidential election. The collaboration aligns with Kingmaker's mission to promote the responsible use of cannabis and support advocacy efforts to legalize marijuana across the United States. Joseph Maldonado Joe Exotic

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