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Joe Exotic is Outraged By Trump's Low Bond

Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic is Outraged By Trump's Low Bond

Trump's rival candidate for the presidency says he should be in jail.

by Ron Filipkowski Aug 22, 2023

After Trump's bail agreement of $200,000 was announced for the Georgia case, federal inmate and fellow presidential candidate Joseph "Joe Exotic" Maldonado issued a statement that he thought the bond was outrageously low given the number of charges he is facing in several jurisdictions.

In his statement he wrote, "91 (felonies) in total and you're still a free man?!"

Exotic, currently serving a 21 year sentence for 17 felony charges, was the subject of the Netflix series "Tiger King." He is also running for president, but whether he will appear on the ballot in any states is still an open question.

Exotic continues to harbor hostility towards Trump since it was Trump's DOJ who put him in prison. Then Trump ignored Donald Trump, Jr's plea to pardon Exotic. No surprise since he usually ignores his oldest son.

Exotic also holds no love for Biden either, since he also has failed to pardon him. He has also been critical of how the Hunter Biden's legal saga had been handled.

Too bad Exotic can't express his outrage on the debate stage tomorrow.

Alas, he is a bit tied up at the moment.

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Lori Fisher
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