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Joe Exotic goes viral for being posted on the prison yard and posing with two Black guys

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Joe exotic

Joe Exotic’s prison photo with two guys on the yard goes viral

Joe Exotic has been in legal trouble since 2018, but he was sentenced to prison in 2022. In the year since he’s been locked up, it looks like Joe Exotic has found a crew. Despite being behind bars, he is running for president. Somehow, this isn’t even shocking news, given how odd things have become. With one photo, Joe Exotic has gained a lot of attention

Joe Exotic is a person who has always known how to captivate an audience. After all, this is how he became a household name. His series, “Tiger King” built a massive fan base. In turn, it also built a massive fortune, which Joe Exotic enjoyed until his prison stint. But his current situation gives credence to how tough people always land on their feet.

Joe Exotic went to prison in 2022 and he’s remained locked up ever since. Yesterday, he shared a photo of himself on Instagram. It looks like Joe Exotic was out there with two of his friends. The photo has been shared all over the internet. Seeing Joe Exotic with those two Black guys have led to all kinds of commentary.

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