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Joe Exotic aka Joseph Maldonado, Star of 'Tiger King' Is Officially On Colorado Ballot For President

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

For Immediate Release:

Most of you have heard of 'Tiger King' star Joe Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado. He has officially made it on the Colorado ballot and is running for President from federal prison, which has only been done two other times in history.

Exotic's platform includes items that will benefit the people of Colorado and the landscape. He vows to fight, first, to decriminalize marijuana nationally so that people like the ones he has met in federal prison no longer serve federal time for coming to Colorado and purchasing legal marijuana from a dispensary, then taking it home to Wyoming, Kansas, or anywhere else, which currently would land you in federal prison for interstate commerce of trafficking marijuana, no matter the amount.

One person in mind he is fighting for is the memory of Justin Thao, who was on his way home from federal prison on a marijuana charge and was held at a federal holdover in Oklahoma called the Grady County Jail. There he was beaten and tased by the staff and locked in a dark shower screaming for help until he hung himself.

Next on Exotic's agenda is Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land. Right now, the Biden Administration is trying to allow special interest groups to lease BLM land to prevent ranchers from using it, and gas and oil companies from extracting gas and oil from it because they can tie the leases up for ten years at a time. We can find responsible people to do responsible things in order to lease BLM land and still allow ranchers and wild horses to use it. Exotic does not agree with Biden.

There are 245 million acres of BLM land, and cattle ranchers will just need to have an allotment of how many heads of cows can be grazing per acre so its not overgrazed. And they will need to commit to the preservation of native animals, such as allowing the wild horses to roam on the same land as their cattle. There is enough space for everything to live together if we just respect each one of their needs. Over grazing can result in killing the ground, washouts from the rain, and make it next to impossible to allow the grassland to restore itself during drought seasons, but we can balance all that, Exotic says.

Colorado has been a prime example of what can be done with tax money made from the legalization of marijuana. Just look at the infrastructure that has been improved. Why would we not want to do this nationally to help fix things, instead of raising the debt ceiling all the time?

Exotic lists many more items on his platform on

Right now is the time to bring the most important thing there is to light--our corrupt federal prison and justice system. And now that Donald J. Trump is indicted and becoming a part of a what normal citizens go through with this corrupt system, something might change because the world's eyes are watching to see how politicians are going to fix and rebuild the very corrupt system that they built.

Trump will never experience the same system he ignored for the four years that he was President. He won't be shackled and chained in an orange jumpsuit and made to look guilty like the rest of us are. He won't be held without bond like the rest of us are, and he will be able to walk freely through all of his appeals and motions, even if he is convicted. Trump will not spend one day in federal prison, even if he gets convicted. The "good ole boy" system will still apply to him.

What he should have done during his time in office was to get his Republican Party followers to fix some of the laws and sentencing guidelines, and to get the FBI to quit lying just to put poor people of color in prison to benefit the politicians with an invested interest in the products sold to prison inmates; the fees they collect from taxpayers to house them; and the maintenance contracts given for upkeep of the prisons--but he didn't.

His only move was the First Step Act, which Ron Desantis wants to do away with, and pardoning his allies who helped him get away with more crimes than most nonviolent inmates are charged with, doing 20 years.

And don't forget that he pardoned Lil Wayne and Kodak Black just to get the support from the black community, when he should have helped make it easier for them to get good paying jobs, help with drug abuse, and help them afford better housing--but it was just a facelift to get votes, as usual.

Joe Exotic aka Joseph Maldonado 2024

FMC Fort Worth
Reg 26154-017
PO Box 15330
Fort Worth, TX 76119

PS Next up on the list to get on the ballot is New Hampshire.

Joe Exotic Colorado Announcement 6.18.2023
Download PDF • 168KB

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