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Joe Exotic 2024 GoFundMe

Joseph Maldonado aka JOE EXOTIC, is running for President of the United States as a Democrat. He is running without his political party's endorsement, which means his campaign committee needs to raise the funds needed to gain access to all the state ballots.

Joe is known worldwide as the "Tiger King," but his platform emphasizes criminal justice and prison reform. Joe believes in the second amendment, but he also believes in owning your own body, and hopes to bridge the gap between the right and left with a return to a more common sense government where people can live in freedom from tyranny and ordinary citizens have the same rights as the wealthy, and government money is spent on bettering the lives of Americans instead of being sent to foreign countries.

Many states just require a filing fee with a statement of intent to gain ballot access and that is the purpose of this fundraiser. Joe needs YOUR HELP at the grassroots level to make this happen.

Thank you.

Joseph Maldonado (Joe Exotic) to Free America

Registered Primary Campaign Committee

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