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Press Release: Prison Retaliation against Joe Exotic

For Immediate Release

July 27, 2023

RE: Prison Retaliates Against Joe

The warden took it upon himself to take my email away until Christmas. I'm not allowed to use the phone, which I already knew, but I was told I could use my email.

Now the warden has made his own rules giving him the right to pick and choose who he can take privileges away from, so he took my phone AND email away until Christmas.

This is not only a violation of due process, but infringes on my rights according to the BOP rules that allow communication with the news media and my family. It is effectively stopping me from campaigning for office, which is also my Constitutional right.

They protect the drug dealers and the people they favor to keep the market going in here. The administration remedy process is a joke because the BOP would take so long that Christmas would come and go before I could get any relief, and I would have already lost all of my rights anyway to email and phone. They have rigged it this way to always win.

The warden that is running this place lowered our commissary monthly spending from $360 to $250 a month, and that's counting stamps, envelopes, and everything we need to fight our cases. And the meat portions and amount of food on our trays gets smaller by the day.

Why can't the prison afford napkins so you can wipe your mouth while eating? Where's all the trust fund money going? Because it's not going to our care. Items are more expensive with inflation, but they give us less to spend. You hardly get to eat anything at the chow hall because they don't cook anything due to a budget. Is this the prison's money or the taxpayers' money?

They act like they have to work to get the money to pay bills here. The officers' mess hall has a salad bar and they eat good food, while we eat trash and now they change it so we can't even afford to cook for ourselves because they just took $110 a month away.

Joe Exotic


FMC Fort Worth

PO Box 15330

Fort Worth, TX 76119

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