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For Immediate Release: JOE EXOTIC: LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP President Trump, in 2020 one of the best news reporters Steve Nelson from the New York Post asked you while in a White House briefing if you were going to pardon the Tiger King and you laughed it off. And for the next year your administration teased the press that I was on that list. Then at some point Mark Meadows talked you out of it. What’s happening to you now we could call karma, but in reality its very sad what is happening to you and our country with the Department of Justice. But I’m glad it’s happening to you because now the world is watching, and the corruption is exposed as to what the Department of Justice has been doing to the normal citizens that have no voice, no platform, or the money to hire legal defense. However, you have the willpower, the support, the drive to make the Department of Justice walk these roads they have started. I must remind you that the corruption, perjury and creating of this crime the US Attorneys and the FBI along with their witnesses have done to put me in prison and did however happen under your presidency and by your appointed judge and prosecutors. You still are receiving much more fair justice than anyone else that would be charged with over 72 felonies. We are held without bond, which shocks me they have not yet pulled that on you to get you out of the race to run for President of the United States. If they do this to you, let me give you an idea of how this works under your Presidency. They arrest you, hold you without bond, put you in a shit hole county jail that the feds have a contract with, keep you in solitary confinement and call it protective custody away from a phone, email, and your lawyers so you cannot build a case of defense. Then if, you push the intercom button or knock on the door they come in with up to 8 guards shoot you with tasers, strip you naked, tie you to a chair, put you in a dark shower until the skin comes off of your arms from the straps you sit in there so long. I’ve lived through this part, however 21-year-old Justin Thao hung himself and didn’t live through this part from the same abuse. Then, you will go through a trial where swearing under Oath means absolutely nothing to anyone- including the prosecutors will lie and stack so many charges on you they’ll get some kind of conviction. Then you can look forward to an 11 month wait for them to prepare your PSI so they can sentence you which will determine on if you get a Republican or a Democratic appointed judge which will determine if you spend your life in prison, instead of going by the statute of what the crime is. After that 2.5 years of being treated like you are a prisoner in Iran or Iraq, you will go to a federal prison where they will again put you in solitary confinement to call it protective custody and you will have no rights as the inmates that do murder or people molest children, just because of who you are. Then you start your federal appeal process which each appeal will take you 1.5 years if you are lucky and any motions for a new trial, the judge will sit on it for up to two years. All while the BOP makes your life a living hell by giving you fake disciplinaries, because the prosecutors want your record in prison to look so bad that if you get a new trial or you win an appeal, they can use it all against you in court.

How do I know this? I have lived every bit of it. It’s going on now for almost six years. All while the Department of Justice knows witnesses have admitted to perjury plus a plot to kill me. But that 98% conviction rate means more to them than the truth. If you would have just listened to the people that vote that wanted you to pardon me, I’m sure I could have pushed you over that line and today you would be President. But no worries I don’t think President Biden sees the hundreds of thousands of voters that want him to sign my papers as well. So, he will probably miss the same campaign move as you did. Right now the warden of the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth has made his own rules and instead of fixing the badly needed repairs to this prison, stopping the staff from bringing in drugs and telephones, he puts his energy forward making the inmates lives hell. Just as he came up with his own rules to take away my privileges of phone and email to whom he chooses because fuckin with your mind is entertaining instead of allowing you the due process the BOP has set out. As of right now, the warden has taken my phone and email away until Christmas to prevent me from campaigning which is my constitutional right. This has come down from either the Biden administration or Collette S. Peters the Director of the BOP because I’m being too vocal to shut me up. Or is it because Collette Peters doesn’t want the world to know what really goes on within the BOP or Joe telling congress what’s really going on in here? Either way, too many people have too much power that shouldn’t as you obviously now know. Good luck in the race for 2024 I hope to live through this to see the free world I so deserve. Respectfully, Joe Exotic Joe Maldonado FMC Fort Worth Reg 26154-017 PO Box 15330 Fort Worth, TX 76119

Joe Exotic to Trump 7.31.2023
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