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REGARDING THE LATEST NEWS WITH CAROLE BASKIN CLOSING BIG CAT RESCUE AND MAKING A DEAL WITH TURPENTINE CREEK OUT OF ARKANSAS. This is just the latest step in a 20-year scam of big cat sanctuaries. Let me educate the world for once about how this is all working to make millions by using tigers and getting political agendas passed through Congress. Around 2004, Carole Baskin and a lady named Patty Finch started the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries known as the GFAS. They got a small group of sanctuaries, that are by far below standards, to join their mission, which Joe Exotic exposed and is on YouTube "Joe Exotic Speaks Out." Big Cat Rescue was kicked out of the Association of Animal Sanctuaries, which is why she started the GFAS, and she lost her BBB seal, as well, for the way she runs a non-profit. Big Cat Rescue has made a deal with Turpentine Creek to take some of their big cats. Let's start by saying Big Cat Rescue only kept 13 tigers and lions at any one given time and they are claiming to send SOME to Turpentine Creek, and Turpentine Creek is also a GFAS sanctuary, i.e., Carole’s friend, so they can raise millions on moving tigers from one place to another. Big Cat Rescue is claiming to have to close the doors due to the pandemic, but being in the middle of Tampa, Florida is why she cannot keep it open, yet, Turpentine Creek, in the middle of NOWWHERE ARKANSAS, can bear the brunt of the expenses--this is a scam I have been trying to expose for years. Big Cat Rescue states they are keeping a few to live out the rest of their lives? So, she is keeping some pets to keep the money coming in? And she had to let go half of her staff due to the pandemic to cut costs? She had over 100 volunteers working for free; if any reporter would do their homework before reporting this scam, they would see the only paid staff on Big Cat Rescue’s taxes was Howard, Carole, Jamie their daughter and her husband, and maybe two others, so there was NO ONE that did chores or cared for the cats fired or let go. As a Presidential candidate running for 2024, it is my duty and my promise to the American people to stop non-profit scams like this to get around paying taxes and allow the rich to keep getting richer off of people’s big hearts, thinking they are helping animals and people. Jim Rathman, an ex-secret service agent, now a private investigator, wants to take cadaver dogs on that property at Big Cat Rescue. I would love to be there when that happens because I have a few places I would like those dogs to sniff out. But that will never happen because this is all a scam to get Big Cat Rescue and Carole in the news, just like coming out as bisexual, wanting to help me get a pardon, then being scared of me again, now selling Big Cat Rescue. She is desperate to be noticed and it makes her money. I spoke with the CEO of Cameo myself in 2021 and he said Carole made over 1 million on Cameo alone. How much of that went to the tigers and their care? If anyone wants to see the proof of everything to back up my story, go spend some time on joeexotictv on YouTube. I will not allow people to continue to be scammed by this agenda.

Joseph Maldonado Joe Exotic FMC Fort Worth

Reg 26154-017

PO Box 15330

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