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Federal Inmate Abuse

August 3, 2023

Via Jorge Gwanson


During a multi-unit shake down when approximately 700 to 800 inmates were marched outside to stand in the 100-degree sun inmate Nick Gomez was overheated and had to sit in a small place of shade next to the building.

Officer K Johnson ordered Nick Gomez to go stand in the sun with everyone else and Gomez told the officer he was overheated and needed to go to medical for heat exhaustion. Officer Johnson then asked Gomez if he’d rather go to the SHU because he was not taking him to medical. 

Gomez responded, “yes, I actually would.”  Officer Johnson ordered Gomez to stand and turn around to be handcuffed and he complied with the order.  After he was fully handcuffed and fully restrained, Officer Johnson an avid 6’6 recreation specialist and athletic trainer snapped over something Gomez said and slammed him face first into the concrete- on camera and in front of many inmates and witnesses with extraordinary speed and force.  

Then he was taken to medical and then to the SHU where he still sits today.Nickolas Gomez is 160 pounds and was restrained with his hands cuffed behind his back. Officer Johnson is a 6’6 giant of a man in peak physical condition. 

It was an excessive and completely unnecessary use of brutal force that officer Johnson should be fired for his job.

Yet the captain here, Captain Pennington condoned and consigned the attack verbally when the inmate witnesses got visibly upset after witnessing this assault. 

Nothing was done to the officer, the inmate was put into solitary confinement and is still there. 

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