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Joe Exotic: Welcome to the Party Pal

For Immediate Release: By Joe Exotic Joe Exotic is running for 2024 and his comment about what is happening with the indictments against Former President Donald J Trump is "Welcome to the Party Pal."

Trump thinks the Department of Justice is being weaponized against him but when it was being used just against the American people it was calls Justice.

Now that he is getting a taste of what the politicians in congress had built and made so corrupt Joe Exotic is wondering if he will promise the American people he will vow to fix it this time instead of just complain and talk about it.

He threatened to do away with the FBI before but done nothing. Now that the Fizer court has proven they lied on so many search warrants and Trump has been raided by them and the FBI has hidden evidence on the Bidens, will he do away with that agency this time if he is re-elected or is it all going to be small talk again?

Our justice system has been two-sided way to long, one side for the rich and famous and one side for the poor and guilty and it is time that the federal court and justice system cannot convict you on hearsay. Even State courts do not allow that so why does the federal system.

Will Donald Trump be part of the 98% conviction rate? If so, will he spend one day in prison or will he get the rich side of justice?

The evidence in Joe Exotics case proves now that he is innocent. The hitman Allen Glover has admitted to perjury under oath and that they had conspired a plot to kill Joe Exotic first and to this day the Department of Justice has turned a blind eye to an innocent man in prison.

Furthermore, the DOJ has been given evidence that the federal agents knew their witnesses were all lying under oath, committing bank fraud, Identity theft, mail fraud and affidavits of sex trafficking.

Now that Trump is facing this same corrupt system all Joe Exotic wants is to know why the DOJ won’t take the evidence showing he is innocent and drop the charges or why has it been 13 long months and this currant Judge will not rule on his motion for a new trial.

Joe Exotic is excited that now maybe since the system is exposed and Trump is indicted with federal charges that more American eyes are upon the corruption that has put so many people in prison that should not be.

Joseph Maldonado aka Joe Exotic

FMC Fort Worth

Reg 26154-017

PO Box 15330

Fort Worth, TX 76119

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