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Federal Legal News 7.5.2023

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From Atwood women’s camp: “We are here eating bag dinners because there is no one to work in the kitchen. We are being told we are going to be eating these for the next 90 days. We went the whole weekend of the 15-18 with no hot water having to shower with cold water.

The building here is so old and torn down with mold and asbestos and we are having to live in these conditions. We have no air here either but the dog program gets air. We were told that in was inhumane for the dogs to go without air…”

                A/C is out in multiple locations, including Mariana and Tallahassee.   This from Tallahassee: “First of all, the Florida heat index is 105 at 2pm. This is the 2nd day that a kitchen inmate worker has fallen out…due to the heat and the fact that there is no air conditioning in the kitchen.

As a matter of fact, almost all the Units on the compound A/C units are broken at this time and the windows do NOT open. Additionally, the ice machines in almost all the Units on the compound are also broken…there is no medical staff on duty in the evenings or on the weekends. The roofs here are leaking, over the beds of the inmates, in most of the Units….”

Derek Gilna, Director of Research, JD, (De Paul Law School, 1975), MARJ, (Master of Restorative Justice), (Vermont Law School, 2020), Federal Legal Center, 133 W. Market, #171, Indianapolis, IN 46204; (English newsletter and ALL inquiries, English or Spanish);, Spanish newsletter, but NO inquiries. (This Newsletter is for Information Only and Does Not Constitute Legal Advice.)

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