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Statement from Joe Exotic TO: Politicians

I would like to take a moment and congratulate you on making the American Justice System one of the most corrupt in the world. This system that you are elected to work for and that you represent stole my life from me. Taking an Oath of office means nothing to you people or to the Federal Agents, U.S. Attorneys or even Federal Judges unless it benefits you and lines your pockets.

After the Department of Justice kidnapped me, people from all over the world took advantage and exploited me while I was at my worst which was held in solitary confinement and tied to chairs in dark showers. Movies were made of me like some side show freak that didn't even come close to telling the true story of how hard me and my parents worked to just give people and animals a second chance in life when no one else would.

Peacock, USA, Netflix and every other tv streaming service should be held accountable for the untruths they told about me to just make a fast buck and I pray my attorneys hold them accountable no matter what. The stress, depression being accused of things I have never done by people all over the world only because false movies where made about me telling such lies.

The producers of Netflix, Eric Goode should be jailed for paying Government witnesses to lie and keep an agenda going during my trial just to make millions off of destroying my life. This alone should be criminal but NOT ONE of you care because it doesm't effect your lives.

Laws should be changed and Federal Agents and Federal Attorneys should be held accountable so this does not happen to anyone else in this country that work to better their lives just to have it stolen from them by a bunch of greedy jelous people that are allowed to continue to do this to others only because they have made some deal with the Federal Government.

My question to you all is, how does the United States Department of Justice even hold it's head up when you take people that have such criminal records, still engaging in crimes and use them against someone that has worked his whole life to stay out of trouble? These are the people you used against me and protect to this day.

Not one person has been held accountable for perjury when they admitted under oath they lied to the Grand Jury. Not one person has been held accountable for admitting to a plot to kill me while I was running for Governor of Oklahoma in 2017-2018. Not one person the Government used against me has been held accountable for bank fraud, identity theft, or sex trafficking that my attorney has the proof of and has handed over to the Department of Justice.

There has only been two of you that has the integrity to stand up for the truth and that is Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert.

Joe Exotic Joseph Maldonado FMC Fort Worth Reg 26154-017 PO Box 15330 Fort Worth, TX 76119

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