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Taxing the rich

Take President Trump for a prime example. He has found more loopholes to not pay taxes then anyone in America and those need to be closed and the rich need to live by the same as the poor and working class. Anyone that is classified as a millionaire or billionaire should be in a much higher tax bracket and not allowed to open multi corporations just to file bankruptcy and hide assets. This is the same for non-profits, churches, zoos, sanctuaries, schools should not be tax exempt from state, city sales tax or Federal income taxes. Use Carole Baskin as an example she has 7 non-profits at one location only for the purpose of funneling money from one to the other to hide assets. Today just Big Cat Rescue has over 14 million dollars in assets alone and only her family are receiving payroll checks. Everyone else is working for free.

Presidents, CEO's and relation of non-profits should not be allowed to draw an income from a non-profit.

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