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Joe Exotic’s Press Secretary Lashes Out at DOJ While Holding Monkey in Fox Interview With Kayleigh

The press secretary for Tiger King star Joe Exotic clashed out at the Department of Justice while holding a monkey during an interview with Fox News host and former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Friday.

McEnany was initially scheduled to interview Exotic himself, who is running for president as a Democratic candidate while serving a 21-year prison sentence for conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and other crimes. However, the interview was cancelled at the last minute after the star was sent to solitary confinement.

Due to the unforeseen events, Exotic’s press secretary Mike Robison stepped in and appeared on Fox News Tonight instead.

McEnany opened the interview:

Step aside Joe Biden, theres another Joe gunning for the 2024 Democratic ticket. His name’s Joe Exotic, most famously known as the Tiger King. We all watched him during Covid, he announced his candidacy for president, and we were supposed to bring you an exclusive interview with Mr Exotic himself from jail. Unfortunately he was sent to solitary confinement, so we found the next best guest. Mike Robison is Joe Exotic’s press secretary, he joins me now with his monkey Winston.

After McEnany asked Robison why Exotic was sent to solitary confinement, Robison said:

Well, all we can really say for sure is Joe has been silenced by the Department of Justice. We know this for sure because he’s been speaking out about the corruption that’s been happening in the justice system, and I believe that today’s events of putting Joe in solitary is a direct result of his willingness to speak out and really call out the truth.

Echoing former President Donald Trump’s own rants against the Department of Justice, Robison added, “We know the Department of Justice obviously is kind of a two-tiered system, right? And Joe has been really amazing at pointing that out.”

“There’s no violence? They just toss him in solitary?” questioned McEnany, to which Robison replied, “Correct.”

McEnany then asked Robison about the monkey he was carrying throughout the interview.

“I see you there with Winston. I was White House press secretary, as you know, I dealt with a lot of wild creatures,” she said, before asking Robison whether he would bring the monkey with him to the press room podium if Exotic became president.

“Oh yeah,” Robison replied. “Listen, this guy right here, he goes everywhere with me. He’s my little sidekick.”

Watch above via Fox News

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