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Ukraine, Taiwan and other countries

It should never have been allowed to go this far with Ukraine. We are in this war if you want to admit it or not. There will never be a day that Putin sees a court room or is arrested for the mass murders that has went on in Ukraine, however we will never know the truth or the extent of what really is going on with the corruption between the U.S. Administration and the money funneled into Ukraine as a mask to support their military.

We should utilize Prisoners in America. So many would volunteer to go fight to put a stop to this and if you live through it you are Pardoned when it is over or serve 2 years in combat whichever comes first.

Think about it, People sitting here wasting their lives doing nothing that want to volunteer and the Taxpayers not having to fund them sitting in prison and it would put an end to this conflict much quicker. I would be the first in line to sign up.

People in other countries need to learn to solve their own culture problems. Countries that are starving and fanam should learn to stop breeding more into the problem. People should be able to donate all they want to their problems, but tax dollars should never be spent to solve another countries problem.

America has shown Russia, North Korea and China that we can be scared of a world war or of nucellar weapons being used. America needs to concentrate on building up our own military to be the biggest and best and protect our own and leave everyone else problems alone or take a stand that you will not bully us or anyone we do business with and just go put ends to the conflict then do not go clean up the mess and help rebuild. Let them stay busy for years putting shit back together and maybe they will find something else to do besides start wars.

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Carol Lawrence
Carol Lawrence
Dec 03, 2023

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