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Federal Legal News 6.13.2023

Joe Exotic the tiger king

The indictment of former President Trump, (and his valet), is forcing the general public, regardless of their personal opinion of the ex-President, who would rather ignore the plight of prisoners, to confront the arbitrary nature of the federal justice system.

However, those of you who were prosecuted for non-violent crimes, on often questionable evidence, or dubious interpretations of broadly-written criminal statutes, know that this is all about the federal government attempt to control.  

“Protecting the public” will always take a back seat to asserting control over individuals locked up for being addicts or mentally ill, or who are not part of the “favored class.”  If the federal government actually cared about and prioritized rehabilitation, it would not be necessary to file remedies to get the Bureau to properly carry out Congressional directives spelled out in the First Step Act that emphasize rewards for rehabilitative activities and responsible prison employment.  

People tend to recognize and care about injustice more when they are not only the target, but when they realize that they could very well become the target. Now with Trump at legal risk on dubious grounds, they realize that no one is safe from the federal tentacles.  

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