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The problem with crime in this country is noone sets examples.

I mean just look at our Presidents and our elected officials at how they are always under investigation, always caught lying or cheating somewhere.

We need to start cleaning out the system from the inside out.

Normal citizens are serving half of their lives in prison for less shit then what politicians do, the system is not built on fairness or anything moral, it's who you know and how much money you have.

Take a look at Hollywood and how much they get away with things. Our children have nothing to grow up to in order or be proud and stay out of trouble because our countries leaders are making fools of themselves.

I have to ask myself everyday, what is it about child molesters and sex offenders that our system likes so much that they serve less time then anyone even white collar crime people.

This must all be stopped dead in it's tracks, putting people in jail for ghost dope, lying on the stand and in investigations just to make a conviction.

We are letting the dangerous people out that have victims and we are keeping people that really don't hurt anyone in prison.

The whole system is ass backwards and who is to blame? The sentencing commission, the Federal Judges, and the way the whole system is built.

A public defender should be a lawyer on rotation to take a case paid by the Government, not a lawyer that don't give a rats ass if you loose or win because the Government keeps him employed whether your life depends on it or not.

Take my case for example, They refused to let me call any witnesses at all because they had a deal made with the prosecutors before we even walked in the court room. My life was already over when they went to lunch during my pre-trial motions.

A non bias attorney should be on every case and the pay scale should be on whether they win or loose.

The so called probation office that does the presentencing report should be shut down because they just work for the court and the prosecutors anyway, they do nothing for you other then to screw you over.

Complete immunity should go away for Federal Agents and employees of the court and a lot of the lying would stop if they could be sued and held liable for ruining someone's life to step up that ladder of politics.

We will never get crime to go away in this country until we hold people that make laws responsible themselves.

The Federal court system should not be allowed to work on hear-se evidence, hard evidence should be available just like is a State Court.

Raise the limit on the age of buying any kind of gun to 21 and people that use those guns against someone should pay the higher price then anyone else. Right now a felon with just a gun in a safe in the house is serving more time then someone that shoots and kills someone else.

Cops shooting civilians getting 5 years and a citizen that has a gun in a safe that is a felon because he got caught with meth once getting 20 years?

Something is wrong with all of this.

We must start changing with the Courts, the lawmakers, the guidelines, the prosecutors and the law Enforcement people, then we can work on the American people.

Our media drives so many people to doing the horrible crimes that is done in this country. Fox fights with CNN, one radio station fights with another, hell there is no peace in this country at all and no one to set an example for anyone.

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