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A Letter From Joe Exotic

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Joe Exotic Letter July 23

July 2023

A letter from Joe Exotic:

I am sitting here in a tiny little concrete room wondering where this all went wrong?? It was by believing in my country and my constitution of the United States and it giving me the right to a fair trial, the minute I asked for a fair trial America punished me adding 20 more charges to make sure the crime they created would stick.

Then the DOJ employees, 2 ass US Attorneys Amanda Green and Charles Brown and a federal wildlife officer who clearly knows their witnesses against me are lying.

Not only did they know they were lying but helped them lie.

Everytime I brought up James and fake drivers licenses they shut me down but Amanda Green covered for him and asked him if they were for stripclubs when weren't and we can prove that with Fake ID's, signed leases for sex trafficking. None of the truth was told about that because the DOJ controlled the entire narrative, put me on trial over my sexuality, the Big Cat Safety Act and they knew then and we have proof now. I did not mail that phone, Allen did not go to Florida, Allen and everyone has since admitted to perjury and a plot to kill me. This wouldn't even be a federal case if the DOJ didn't lie to make it one and Eric Goode the producer of Tiger King to pay witnesses 5,000.00 during my trial to keep the agenda so he could get rich and make a movie. I think the saddest part is my brother Yarri admitted him and Chelsea were in this from the start only because they were afraid mom and dad would spend everything building that zoo and they wouldn't get anything when they died.

So they had to put me in jail and get mom and dads power of attorney away from me and get it all in their name before they died. I have no family, mom and dad both died while being in here. They destroyed my house and my zoo and you got to ask yourselves why did they leave something so famous just like a ghost town and rot away? Were they really that jealous or was this really that politically motivated? Someone go take photos of my house now and go through my IG, FB and YouTube and get photos when I was there and put it all online in President Bidens and Trumps face and ask "When a man works 55 years and stays out of trouble is this the American dream we deserve?" Justice will never be fair or equal and America should be very concerned that Amanda Green the known DOJ liar is a federal judge doing this to others every day and you could be next. My attorneys have the evidence to get me home but it is no good for a judge never has to answer a motion for a new trial just in hopes I die in here so this goes away. So I need you my family all over the world to rise up to President Biden to make this right and at least commute my sentence if he is too blind to see I deserve a pardon and let me go back to helping people around the world. If I don't make it out alive be damn sure we have one hell of a party at Woosters in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma- then off to the lake to see Travis. Stand up. Be my Voice. Get Michael, Allen and Rink to D.C. for a press conference. I love you all. Joe Exotic

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This really makes me mad knowing that , you have been locked up in solitary confinement, because you had a news interview and they wanted to shut you up and it's been a month ? that you have been in solitary confinement for no good reason and they know that you didn't get a fair trial, and they know that everyone confessed that they lied and set you up and they are still out doing their thing or whatever and Joe's still locked up suffering and should be home , should of been home a long time ago. #freejoeexotic

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