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April 25, 2023

For immediate release:


Since President Biden has finally announced he is running for a second term, I want him to debate me directly on many issues about America’s downfall on the economy, but mostly about his failed promises from his last campaign, saying he was going to push for justice and prison reform. Since I am running legitimately as a Democrat, and the Trump Administration wrongfully incarcerated me on nothing but lies of convicted felons that have since recanted their testimony, I think I am the perfect candidate to debate the current President on his failed promises, because now I know where the system is broken and what cesspools we have in the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Prisons.


There should be major lawsuits against the Department of Justice for incarcerating people without drug problems in this drug-infested environment. All wrongfully convicting me of crimes I didn't commit just to pass the Big Cat Safety Act has done is send me to drug school. I have learned more about drugs and the types of drugs in prison than I ever knew in 55 years of being on the street.


It is a shame, not to mention a crime, for any politician, U.S. Attorney, Federal Agent or even the President, who signed the Big Cat Safety Act into law, to take someone's life away from them for an agenda to accept campaign donations. Someone needs to follow the money and the donations of the senators who introduced that bill into Congress and see just how much Carole Baskin, PeTAand the HSUS donated in order to get this bill introduced and passed, and then make it illegal to accept donations on behalf of a special interest group for political gain.


These are just some of the things I would like to debate President Biden about, along with what a disaster the Sentencing Commission, the Federal Court System, The Federal Probation office, and the BOP are in.


President Biden traded "The Merchant of Death" for Brittney Griner's release and all he could say is that Russia is much more corrupt than the United States when it comes to justice. All I can do is laugh in his face. Brittney Griner got arrested, charged, convicted, sentenced, and appealed, all in less than 10 months in Russia, before the United States traded for her release. With the evidence, testimony of perjury, and a plot to kill me from all of the United States government witnesses, it has now been five years, and I have been waiting 11 months just on a motion for a new trial. So how can anyone think Russia is any more corrupt than the United States?


There are approximately 15,000 federal inmates, to my best guess, that should be going home based solely on just hearsay convictions. Why is it that the federal system can convict you on hearsay, but in a state court you must have evidence? This alone should tell you either: 1) too many people have their hands in the cookie jar to fill these prisons, or 2) the federal system is really that corrupt.

The offer to debate me is open and I am excited to see his response.

Joe Exotic

Joseph Maldonado

FMC Fort Worth

Reg 26154-017

PO Box 15330

Fort Worth, TX 76119

4.26.23 Joe Exotic Wants Biden Debate Press Release
Download PDF • 80KB


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