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Joe Exotic Unleashes a Political Wildfire: Democrat Party, Brace Yourselves!

Joe Exotic: Democrat for President

For Immediate Release:


Unstoppable force of nature Joseph Maldonado, AKA Joe Exotic, has declared his intention to change his party affiliation from Libertarian to Democrat, promising to redefine American politics with his signature fearless badassery.

Maldonado, the audacious former zookeeper and global TV phenomenon of the "Tiger King" series, is no stranger to making bold moves. After an electrifying campaign for Governor of Oklahoma in 2018 as a Libertarian, Joe Exotic now aims to shatter the political landscape by joining the Democratic Party.

Joe Exotic's explosive departure from the Libertarian Party comes as a result of his frustration with their relentless infighting and extreme weapon ownership views. Fearlessly challenging the status quo, Joe Exotic now champions responsible gun regulation that fiercely protects the Second Amendment while ensuring public safety.

In a statement that shook the political world, Joe Exotic roared, "I'm joining the Democrats to fight like hell for every child in America. Their futures won't be destroyed by endless laws and the shadow of violence. It's time for a goddamn revolution, and l'm leading the charge!"

Joe Exotic is also taking a stand on the issue of reproductive rights and mental health in America. He contends that banning abortion, as Republicans advocate, would result in hundreds of thousands of unwanted children born into broken homes each year. In 2019 alone, more than 626.000 abortions were recorded in the United States. Joe Exotic insists that without proper funding and focus on mental health, the country is headed for the destruction of civil society over the next 18 years. He firmly believes that building more prisons is not the solution for addressing mental illness.

The driving force behind Joe Exotic's daring switch to the Democratic Party is his unyielding determination to take on President Joe Biden in a no-holds-barred, gloves-off debate on critical issues like justice and prison reform. Unrelenting in his quest for accountability, Joe Exotic seeks to expose deep-rooted corruption within the Department of Justice and fiercely advocate for innocent Americans who are wrongfully imprisoned in federal penitentiaries.

Experience the intensity of Joe Exotic's groundbreaking campaign by visiting his website at

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